Links 1/12/16

Links for you. Science:

New Research. Inequality of Wealth Makes Us Short and Dead
Last-Ditch Drug Resistance: China and Europe Respond (but not the US!)
Microbes Added to Seeds Could Boost Crop Production
The Curious Case of a Contagious Cancer: A new disease afflicting Tasmanian devils suggests transmissible tumors might be more common than originally thought.
Solving the mystery of dog domestication


Uber and Employment
Workplace diversity policies ‘don’t help’ — and ‘make white men feel threatened’
If It Happened There: Armed Rebel Faction Occupies Government Building
The Silence of Ageism in the Progressive Movements
­In Oregon, Myth Mixes With Anger
Uber: On the Road to Nowhere. Uber drivers are getting creative in their fight for basic workplace rights.
D.C. Council Considers Worker-Protection Measures
Complacent My Fat Ass
Where Anglos Fear to Tread
NYC’s New Gigabit Wifi Hotspots Work Like Payphones From the Future
The Devastating Story of Washington’s Peeping-Tom Rabbi: When a politically connected rabbi was arrested, the news stunned Washington. It turns out his betrayal was worse than we knew (there’s a subtext here, which most non-Jews are unaware of: this degenerate played a not-insignificant role in determining whose conversions–and thus who is a Jew under the Law of Return–are sanctioned by the State of Israel)
Make housing vouchers an entitlement—we can afford it
The Plight of the Suburban Office Park: What will become of America’s sprawling, cubicle-filled campuses as they go out of fashion?
Meet the lefty club behind a blitz of new laws in cities around the country: A new group for liberal city council members is pushing the limits of what municipalities can do for their residents.
Waco and Ruby Ridge: the 1990s standoffs haunting the Oregon takeover, explained
Violent sovereign-citizen plots grow in U.S. — and now go worldwide
Among the Many Failures of Education Reform Is Not Understanding Students’ Challenges

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  1. Chris G says:

    Re workplace diversity –

    PS I work at an engineering company. We build stuff not just develop software so we’re a little different than the focus of the study. That noted, over the past two years I’ve hired five people, two of them White guys. I’ve also hired three summer interns, none of them White guys. All my hires were the best available candidates. Perhaps my experience is anomalous but based on it I’ve gotta think that if your engineering company is a chicken sausage fest then there’s something off about how you’re developing your applicant pool, if not your hiring process.

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