Links 1/3/16

Links for you. Science:

Your Cells. Their Research. Your Permission?
A Judge Dismissed A Woman’s DWI Because Her Gut Makes Its Own Booze
The problem with science journalism: we’ve forgotten that reality matters most. It’s the job of science journalists to look beyond data – we have to look at the people doing the science and whether they have conflicts of interest (scientists and science journalists don’t necessarily have the same career goals. Forget that at your peril)
The Gaels Were from Scythia
Theranos’s Alleged Tampering With Data Is Almost Unheard Of In Biotech, Say Experts


The Story of Eric Harwood (must-read)
10 years later, did the Big Dig deliver? (yes)
Anti-vaccine Californians are rich, white, but not necessarily highly educated
The Military: An Alternative to the Brutalities of the Modern Economy. The millions of service members who live on military bases around the world experience a kind of economic and social security that is foreign to most of America’s middle class
Economics Joke Time
Five Reasons Tariffs Are Great (the five points are things that are never dealt with and must be)
Police are solving a lot fewer murder cases than they used to
The Theranos scandal should be a wake-up call. Here are 4 reasons it won’t be
Pennsylvania man hurls vile, racist insults at cameraman and protesters, promptly gets swift justice (for some, racism is the organizing force of their lives, pathetic as that might be)
FAA Extends D.C.’s ‘No Drone Zone’ To 30 Miles
The Big Short, the Housing Bubble and the Financial Crisis
American schools are still segregated. These parents are making it worse
We Fail When It Comes To Sex Education In The U.S.
Democratic Activists Are Now Marked Out as Israel’s New ‘Traitors’
Dear Architects: Sound Matters
“You Don’t Have a Dog Anymore”: Police Officers in Pennsylvania Take Turns Shooting Family’s Dog

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