Links 12/21/15

Links for you. Science:

The great potential — and great risks — of gene editing
How a crash course in public health could lead to a big boost in NIH funding
More Countries Are Seeing a Last-Ditch Antibiotic Failing
Breitbart contributor says mass extinction via climate change isn’t a problem because of Jurassic Park
How Poaching Destroys Elephant Wisdom


The Weak Hillary Case
The #StayMadAbby case proves the point about perceptions of fairness
Rand Paul Didn’t Win, But He Raised the Most Important Questions of the Debate
Tent City, America (excellent long-read)
Carpet Bombing Is Not an Acceptable Military Tactic, Even Against ISIS
The FBI checked the wrong box and this woman ended up on watch list for years
Has Massachusetts Secretary of Education Jim Peyser been lobbying himself?
Students Who Say Lunch Is Like Prison Food Take Protest Citywide (but teachers unions! Or something)
The Serial Swatter
Big-Box Bookstores Don’t Have to Die
Did George W. Bush Create ISIS?
A key under the doormat isn’t safe. Neither is an encryption backdoor.
Millions of murderers walk among us (I’m not convinced; I don’t think most of them believe their own rhetoric)
Bill Black: A “Jihadist” Against the Banks?
New Orleans Will Finally Tear Down Its Monuments to American Traitors
Shaun King is learning the hard way that religion has privilege that blackness doesn’t
New Orleans City Council ditches its Confederate past
Exelon Paid FreshPAC Chairman To Lobby D.C. Government About Merger (going out of their way to make Vince Gray look good)
Navy SEALs, a Beating Death and Claims of a Cover-Up
How Theranos Misled Me
America’s booming prisoner population is coming from small county jails

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