DNCHACKINGGATE: 2008 All Over Again

What puzzled me in all of the weekend’s kerfuffle over the DNC database data breach by Sanders staffers was why the DNC backed down when they supposedly had the Sanders campaign dead to rights. If you look at the suit that was prepared by the Sanders campaign, two things become very clear.

First, the DNC suspension was clearly in breach of contract. It’s not even a close call (which should just tell you how incompetent the DNC’s contract lawyers are). Second–and this is the far more interesting thing–points #23 and #32 from the brief are very interesting (boldface mine):

23) Upon information and belief, a similar security incident arose with the NGP VAN software during the 2008 national presidential primaries, resulting in the unintentional transmission of Confidential Information to the campaign of Democratic primary candidate Hillary Clinton (the “Prior Incident”)…

32) Upon information and belief, no action was taken in response to the Prior Incident in 2008, nor was any candidate’s access to Voter Data suspended as a result of that Incident.

Unintentional. Sure. Also worth noting that the DNC didn’t make this public in 2008 either.


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