Links 12/20/15

Links for you. Science:

Elite scientists can hold back science
Michigan HB 5126: Endangering children by making nonmedical vaccine exemptions easier to obtain
Clinical Genetics Has a Big Problem That’s Affecting People’s Lives (inadequate sample sizes can kill or lead to misery. This, of course, has nothing to with funding whatsoever. Nope)
Germ theory denialism and the magical mystical microbiome
Poisoning Of Famed Pride in Kenya Shows Why Lions Are In Trouble


There Is No ‘War on Football’: The idea that concussion research is a liberal conspiracy is toxic and will hurt kids. It has to stop.
Stray Dogs Trash Man’s Car After He Kicked Their Friend
The height of hypocrisy in higher education
Red Line probe points to MBTA driver mistakes
Mark Zuckerberg says he’s learned from his school reform mistakes. Has he really?
Fixing Madison Park High, which just got another dose of bad news
An Ed Commissioner’s Confession: How I Tried (and Failed) to Close the Worst School in Tennessee
A Premature Celebration in DC (the PARCC standards are too strict, but the NAEP scores definitely show D.C.’s minority students are doing horribly)
Florida kicks 9,000 chronically ill, disabled kids out of healthcare system (Republican Gov. Rick Scott has always been a monster)
Know Your Fascist Dictators
Alabama cops planted drugs and weapons on innocent minorities, and the DA covered it up
9/11 Is The High Holy Day For Conservatives
San Bernardino: Broken City
Legendary actress ran an underground, illegal, life-saving AIDS safe house
VW Says Emissions Cheating Was Not a One-Time Error
New Report Shines A Light Into The Charter School Black Box

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