Links 12/10/15

Links for you. Science:

Apocalypse Pig Redux: Last-Resort Resistance in Europe
When labs clash over tardigrade DNA, that’s just science working as it should
Five Things Climate Scientists Actually Disagree About
Proposal: Set International Targets for Farm Antibiotic Use
Is 90% of All EvoPsych False?


Class as Part of the American Freedom Struggle
How D.C. spent $200 million over a decade on a streetcar you still can’t ride
Macy’s Imprisons Minority Customers and Extorts Them for Bogus Fines: Suit
America Needs a National Slavery Monument
The Bitter Harvest of Failure: France’s Far Right Takes the Lead in Regional Elections
No regrets for doctor who called out double-booking (insane)
The Real Reason We Can’t Have Gun Control: The paranoid right-wing fringe believes it needs guns to overthrow the government—and even so-called GOP moderates are pandering to them.
The Scene: D.C. statehood dinner in West Hollywood
According to Bernie Sanders, income inequality means many Americans aren’t “truly free”
News Flash – Driving is Still More Expensive than Transit!
D.C. mayor leaves her working-class digs for a more upscale neighborhood (well, Pepco-Exelon will help on the payments after she leaves office, I’m sure…)
Why ‘Good Guys’ With Guns Won’t Keep Us Safe
Day-Care Costs Can Drive a Family Into Poverty Before a Child Reaches Kindergarten
Turing’s Martin Shkreli regrets 5,000% price hike—says it wasn’t high enough
Donald Trump is America’s dangerous new future — whether or not he wins
Ted Cruz is even less electable than Donald Trump
Ideologue? Moi?
Terrorism Truths No Politician Will Admit
Do they have life-saving medals for dogs?
Obama Offers Honest Words About Hard Truths

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