Guns and the Politics of Ammosexual Rage

Joshua Holland (boldface mine):

Perhaps the most frightening thing we know about gun violence comes from a study conducted by researchers at Duke, Harvard, and Columbia that was published earlier this year in the journal Behavioral Sciences and the Law. It found that almost one in 10 Americans who have access to guns are also prone to impulsive outbursts of rage. Among this group are almost 4 million people who carry their guns around in public and say they “have tantrums or angry outbursts,” “get so angry [that they] break or smash things” and lose their temper and “get into physical fights.” The researchers also found that those who own many firearms are significantly more likely to exhibit signs of uncontrollable anger than people who own just one. The authors of the study noted that very few among that group had been diagnosed with the kinds of mental illness that would be unearthed in a standard background check. They say that we need to start restricting gun ownership based on whether people have a history of violence, not on diagnosed mental illness.

Meanwhile, we see this from wingnut and someone who was paid money by CNN, Erick Erickson, for his valuable opinions:


This has nothing to do with concerns over self-defense or even fantasies of defending yourself from a tyrannical government (WOLVERINES!!). This is a rage fantasy, a ginormous ammosexual ragegasm. Like all fantasies, there’s always a subset of bozos who try to act this crap out in real life.

And then people die.

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2 Responses to Guns and the Politics of Ammosexual Rage

  1. youngcynic says:

    People who handle guns are susceptible to lead poisoning. Rage is one of the symptoms of lead exposure. Guns are so bad they literally poison the people they’re supposed to protect.

  2. Gingerbaker says:

    Guns poison people – who knew? I learn so much here about guns.

    Guns poison people.

    Guns make you stupid.

    1/10 of gun owners have impulsive rages.

    Gun owners are ammosexuals.

    People who break things should not be allowed to have guns.

    Very productive stuff.

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