Links 12/5/15

Links for you. Science:

Clinical workstations: An overlooked reservoir for deadly bacteria?
Mosquitoes Bring Disease, Maybe Birth Defects, To US Border
Sabercats and Other Carnivores Kept the Ice Age World Green
Grizzly Bears Can Eat 40,000 Moths in a Day
The curious case of the tardigrade genome.


Krugman Wrong on Gentrification
Ted Cruz Is Counting On Republican Voters To Be Less Bloodthirsty Than Most People Think (evangelicals, whom Cruz is targeting, aren’t really keen on torture or war)
The Prevailing Narrative On Trigger Warnings Is Just Plain Wrong (something on a handful of campuses is overhyped. Inconceviable!)
As City Houses Homeless From Encampments, Sweeps Planned to Continue
The Toll of Violent Anti-Abortion Speech
So Many Shoppers, So Much Unused Parking
Zionist Union MK proposes unilateral ‘separation’ plan from Palestinians
Fertility clinics destroy embryos all the time. Why aren’t conservatives after them? (because they don’t think abortion is really murder)
Are long waitlists for DC’s public preschools hurting the entire school system?
Smithsonian says no to federal agency’s request to change new signs (it’s ugly as sin)
5 weird facts about Smithsonian founder James Smithson
The Profound Emptiness of ‘Resilience’
America to Working Class Whites: Drop Dead!
Ted Cruz’s surprisingly sensible foreign policy
Anti-abortion groups target IUD use (yes, they do)
Whistle-Blower Complaint Directed at Whistle-Blower Group (tired of public service organizations treating their workers like shit)
The right’s anti-choice death count: They can’t pretend to think abortion is murder without encouraging terrorism
Why a German billionaire says that pledges like Mark Zuckerberg’s are really bad
The Washington Post will allow singular ‘they’
Anne-Marie Slaughter ‘devastated’ by Clinton’s take on her ‘have it all’ article (if Clinton becomes president, it will be interesting to see if this is one of those things that predicted certain behaviors or just a giant nothingburger)

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