Links 11/29/15

Links for you. Science:

Let’s Give Thanks and Hope We Haven’t Lost the War Against Superbugs
My new white coat is a cool black vest
Prospective whole genome sequencing enhances national surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes
What if “positive” results had to be described like “null” results?


Native Intelligence: The Indians who first feasted with the English colonists were far more sophisticated than you were taught in school. But that wasn’t enough to save them
The Silver Lining of Thanksgiving Past
They Thought They Were Free
Surprise! “Pharma-bro” Martin Shkreli reneges on promise to return jacked-up $750 per pill price on Daraprim to original $13.50 level
‘What Is Holding Back the Economy?’
How Washington created some of the worst schools in America
White supremacists shoot five Black Lives Matter protestors at sit-in in Minneapolis
“I often had to skip meals”: Senate Dining Room Workers Want a Union, Say They’re Living in Poverty
Walmart’s spying on worker activists involved the FBI and a defense contractor
Cuomo, in Shift, Is Said to Back Reducing Test Scores’ Role in Teacher Reviews
U.S. lawmakers got suspect Turkish campaign cash
We Found Where Donald Trump’s “Black Crimes” Graphic Came From
How the American middle class lost its taste for mindless consumerism (no it didn’t, it just doesn’t have any fucking money to spend)
Trump draws scornful rebuke for mocking reporter with disability (first they came for the marginalized, and the journalists said nothing…)
The Ecstasy of Donald Trump
The Rubble-Strewn Road to Damascus

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