Links 11/28/15

Links for you. Science:

Crows Are Smart, But Are They Smart Enough to Fall in Love?
Experts weigh in on consumption of genetically modified salmon
More money pledged for NIH but questions remain
The death of medicinal chemistry?
Why are young people discarding creationism?


Before Trigger Warnings
‘Ne Vous Laissez Pas Manipuler’ AKA #StayWoke
Hillary Clinton Endorsement Embarrassing for SEIU
Why Does Ta-Nehisi Coates Say Less Than He Knows?
Hillary Clinton Endorsement Embarrassing for SEIU
How Prison Reform Could Turn the Prison-Industrial Complex Into the Treatment-Industrial Complex
The Grisly, Goofy Starship Troopers Played Dumb To Make Hollywood Look Even Dumber
We Met Syria’s War Refugees: 7 Awful Things They Told Us
Family Leave
Turkey’s Shootdown of Russian Jet: What You Need to Know
Why Do So Many Ex-Cons End Up Back in Prison? Maybe they don’t—a provocative new study says recidivism rates are drastically lower than we think (there’s no maybe about it; most don’t)
The danger of ignoring religious bigotry
How an ugly, brutally effective warplane won the battle for its future
How the lack of water led to violence from Mexico to Syria
Paris is being used to justify agendas that had nothing to do with the attack
ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and Escape
7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS’s Magazine

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  1. dolphin says:

    I started to read the link to the genetically modified salmon. Couldn’t get past the first couple of questions — the deck was obviously stacked in favor of frankenfish.

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