Thanksgiving Links

Gut Yontif! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Evolution Is Finally Winning Out Over Creationism: A majority of young people endorse the scientific explanation of how humans evolved (I think this is a follow-on effect of a shift away from identifying as Christian, not education, but I’ll take it)
The Algorithm That Creates Diets That Work for You
You’ve been doing your RNA-Seq all wrong
Watch the Devil’s Finger Fungus Hatch Like a Xenomorph Egg
Manipulation of the Gut Microbiota Reveals Role in Colon Tumorigenesis (pdf)


More Than 21 Years Later, Washington Faces Another Problem From Hell
The shadows of a new American fascism: Why our surging xenophobia could have some very dangerous consequences
“I was a stranger and you invited me in.”
Twenty-five gorgeous but non-famous US train stations
How Bernie Sanders is mainstreaming ‘democratic socialism’
The Mali Hotel Attack Is Not Paris, and That’s on Us
Bernie Sanders is right: The top 0.1 percent have as much as the bottom 90 percent
Democrats Are Taking An Unnecessarily Big Risk With Hillary– And For What?
Over The Past 150 Years, There Has Been A Profound Shift In What Humans Do With Their Time
After Founder Leaves, What’s Next for the Metro Riders’ Union?
Men’s Lib!
Under attack at the Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton plays EVERY POSSIBLE CARD
The TPP and Labor Rights
The free speech/p.c. argument we need to have, and which the right obscures: College kids are not the enemy, corporations and the government are
Bought and Sold by the Nail Salons (ethnic solidarity only goes so far…)
Large Companies Game H-1B Visa Program, Costing the U.S. Jobs

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving Links

  1. Chris G says:

    Re Shadows of a New American Fascism: They could roll registration of undesirables up with a Motor Voter bill. Get your license, get registered to vote, and register with the authorities in one fell swoop. Something for each party to sell to their rank-and-file. Trump brings bipartisanship to America! Hooray! Hmm… Actually, no. It would probably be register to vote OR register with the authorities, not both. C’est la vie.

    (More seriously: I heard someone the other day compare Trump to Goebbels. It didn’t seem like hyperbole.)

  2. dolphin says:

    Although a Liberal Arts major, I took Biological Anthropology and know the science behind it. I don’t know why we have to have an either/or mindset — where did the spark come from? I have seen in a documentary on soil where the story of Adam and Eve was badly transcribed from Hebrew version where Adam meant soil and Eve meant life (forget the Hebrew names). I also have learned that Darwin was part of the eugenics movement. This troubles me greatly.

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