Links 11/18/15

Links for you. Science:

Warm Water May Spell the End of New England’s Iconic Cod
Why isolated Easter Island is the perfect spot for a marine reserve
Anonymous sexism in paleoanthropology
110 members of Congress plead for ending ban on CDC gun research
Giant E.coli sculpture unveiled in Sheffield


Petition Calls For Trump To Replace Trees He Chopped Down Along The Potomac
Here’s How Geoff Marcy’s Sexual Harassment Went On For Decades
Bristol Palin Real Mad Media Ignoring White Child’s Shooting She Read About In Media
FreshPAC Worked For Muriel Bowser—Until It Didn’t
More About Mizzou and the “Class Not Race” Narrative
California’s DOT Admits That More Roads Mean More Traffic
City College Faces Deep Budget Cuts: “Students Are Doomed”
It’s 2015. Where are all the black college faculty?
Five reasons to be concerned about Washington’s economy (in fairness, between defense contractors and government systems made available to the public, there’s a lot of innovation that isn’t reflected in public patents)
Postal workers’ union endorses Bernie Sanders for president
Decline and Fall of America’s Working Class
The Kids Today
Here’s an actual threat to free speech at the University of Missouri
Virginia ended veteran homelessness yesterday. Why not just end homelessness?
It’s not just states under right-wing control where abortion clinics are closing their doors
Surprise! The New Trade Deal Is Written for and By Corporations

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