Conservatives Wanted to Do These Things Thursday Evening

I’ve seen sentiments like this come across the Twitter transom:

Paul Krugman his very own self also echoed similar sentiments in a very good column–though I hope he was largely doing so as a rhetorical ploy.

But these sentiments, while endearing in their optimism about the human condition, miss the point entirely.

Whether it be harassing Muslims, shutting down mosques, deporting various Muslims, or refusing entry to Syrian refugees (“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…STAY THE FUCK OUT!!), those who argue for these policies supported them the day before the Paris attacks. No one hates that much, that comprehensively on the fly. This bigoted garbage was already in the can, and they were just waiting to unleash it. If you’ve watched the Republican debates (alcohol required, but not included), this is clear as day.

So, other than as a rhetorical ploy for the ‘undecideds’, there’s no point in appealing to the better angels of their nature–on this issue, among others, they sacrificed those long ago.

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