Links 11/16/15

Links for you. Science:

Who Owns Molecular Biology?
Incredible Video Shows an Orca Whale Hurling a Seal 80 Feet Into the Air
What does ‘meat raised without antibiotics’ mean — and why is it important?
US science agency refuses request for climate records
The GIF Guide To Pigeons And The Animals That Eat Them


Third Way panics over Bernie Sanders and the new American mainstream
Charter Schools, An Exchange: Part IV
Virginia GOP ad: “Preserve our Christian heritage! VOTE REPUBLICAN”
Why does it matter if Jesus would wear a sidearm?
The Truth About School Funding
When You “Got To Go”, You Got To Go
Conservative School Board Members Who Pushed For ‘Patriotic’ History Get Booted
Volunteering At An Abortion Clinic Made Me Lose Patience With The Abortion Debate
The Science Hidden In Your Town Name: How place names encode ecological change
I Spent 4 Months Hand-Cutting A Paper Microbe
The government shutdown threat has NOT been defused. And that poses a big test for Paul Ryan.
Stuffy offices can halve cognitive scores: The bad air quality found in many office buildings may also affect performance, health
Why the FDA Is Worried About Chinese Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet (and the TPP would weaken our ability to do something about this)
Instead of nominating Marco Rubio, the Republicans should just cut out the pretense and nominate his doppelgänger: Charlie McCarthy
What’s Really Going On at Yale

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