Links 11/11/15

Links for you. Science:

Why we simply must have predators
Vampire microbes sucked some ancient life dry
Not Just Academics Fed Up With Elsevier: Entire Editorial Staff Resigns En Masse To Start Open Access Journal
Canada’s First (and Female) Science Minister is a Badass
Twitter made a scientific oversight with its new ‘like’ button


If a cop says she believes you have a weapon, you have one (the video is very disturbing. What is telling is that the cop is completely panicked. This is someone who never should have been given a badge)
Parking in Boston can’t be both ample and free
U.S. Journalists Who Instantly Exonerated Their Government of the Kunduz Hospital Attack, Declaring it an “Accident” (we tortured people. Why is this a stretch? That’s why you don’t torture people.)
10 big myths about World War One debunked
Ferguson in Focus: How the tragedy of a police shooting became a national industry
Ex-cop to police-loving pundit: Stop pretending racist cops are like spotting a unicorn
Henry Rollins Driving App Tells You How Hard It Would Have Been to Get There in the 80’s (funny)
Democrats Undermine Efforts to Protect Retirement Savers (actually, 47 Blue Dog types)
Who They Gonna Call? Bias at the New York Times on Education Reform
It’s harder for politicians to answer “softball” questions than tough ones
Hillary Clinton’s anti-Sanders smears are completely out of control: Why her latest Bernie broadside is utterly hypocritical: Clinton is now suggesting that Sanders has a race problem—which is rich, considering her record on the subject
Your defense of sprawl repair
Today I resigned from the school district
How many Kentuckians will die if Matt Bevin snatches away ObamaCare?
The true cost of Move Seattle (“traffic violence”)
Do Not Treat Difficult Students Like Criminals

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