Links All Hallows Eve

Happy Hallow’een! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

In Ancient DNA, Evidence of Plague Much Earlier Than Previously Known
Bronze Age skeletons were earliest plague victims
The Well Flu Quiz
Doctors, Not Parents, Are The Biggest Obstacle To The HPV Vaccine
Evidence says it’s time for a depth limit on trawling


What happened to the ‘hero mom’ of Baltimore’s riots? (person used by conservatives and then discarded? Inconceivable!)
What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters
The Invisible Women With Autism: Misdiagnosed and misunderstood, autistic women and girls frequently struggle to get the support they need.
Conservative PACs Attack Republicans, and It Pays (movement conservatism is a scam. It almost makes me feel bad for the suckers. Almost)
Washington Post can’t do simple factchecking on Bernie Sanders (I can’t help but think this confusion by the Post stems in part from theological differences: Jews and Christians don’t talk about God in the same way at all)
Bernie Sanders Wants To Bring Back Your 40-Hour Workweek
Quality Early Childhood Education: Enduring Benefits.
Scam They Am
Pharma Bro Gets Taught A Necessary Lesson By The Free Market
Why Registering Drones with the Government Matters
The Benghazi Committee’s $4.7 Million Fishing Expedition Has Come Up Empty
Economists are starting to warn about the risk of a new U.S. recession (if so, and it hits around the second quarter of 2016, Democrats probably lose the White House)
Educational Industrial Complex (pdf)
City of Boston Employee Wins $10.9 Million in Treasury Department Discrimination Suit: A jury found a pattern of discrimination in the City’s Treasury Department
Hey Mayor Walsh: Put a Few of These in City Hall Plaza. Give the civic space a breath of fresh air—literally (D.C. could definitely use these; the air is horrible here)

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