Links 10/25/15

Links for you. Science:

Mitochondrial misconceptions
The Dark Side of DNA Databases: The “match statistics” generated by analyzing large troves of DNA information are easy to misinterpret (get Bayesian!)
Why the World’s Longest Treadmill Was Created for Wolves
Historic Chemistry Lab With Links To Thomas Jefferson Discovered Behind Wall
Reddit comment on Theranos


Yes, the U.S. can leave Afghanistan (excellent)
Charter Schools, An Exchange: Part II
Why Should the U.S. Accept Syrian Refugees? Because It Helped Displace Them.
Trump has figured out Jeb Bush’s greatest weakness as a candidate, and it’s not his energy level (what’s weird is that I imagine, perhaps incorrectly, that Trump supporters, at least at the beginning, like the Iraq War)
Millennials’ top competition for condos might be their parents
What WMATA can learn from DC Water (and its leader)
Why the D.C. area risks losing its allure to millennials (transportation and housing problems)
The City Where Real Estate Developers and Housing Activists Agree to Agree (though it’s worth noting the mayor has had some corruption issues…)
How The Decline Of Cars Is Changing Cities For The Better
Why White Parents Won’t Choose Black Schools
Holder Defends Record of Not Prosecuting Financial Fraud
Are We the Dumbest Nation in the World?
7 Things We Learned From Thabo Sefolosha’s Trial
MBTA considers parking, fare hikes to boost revenue
How do we keep museums vital in today’s world?
Flip You and Your Flipped Classroom

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