Links 10/9/15

Links for you. Science:

Bioinformatics Infrastructure Survey (interesting)
Almost a third of cactuses at risk of extinction
When a Genetic ID Card Is the Difference Between Life and Death
America’s Ebola Panic: What were the worst predictions a year ago, and did they come true? (excellent)
These four misconceptions about autism are damaging and in desperate need of debunking


Bernanke’s Cockroaches
“Neighbors make good use of the monstrosity on V street pop up”
D.C. Youth Arrests at Lowest Level in a Decade
“This is happening because I am a female alone in public space in a city.”
Bad news: stinky ginkgo seeds are dropping again, but the city can help remove the trees (ginkgos are D.C.’s scourge)
New Mural Completed on the side of Bohemian Caverns
Class issues – the cost of being working class
Guns, Slavery, and America’s Permanent White Wingnuttery
Prince William County explores Metro expansion. Metro says: Not so fast. (the first intelligent move Metro has made in a while)
Renoir haters picket outside Museum of Fine Arts
Massive Flooding on Prince and Salem Streets After Water Main Break (but what on earth could we do to put people to work?)
Carly Fiorina, please get over yourself: No, liberal women aren’t surprised that anti-feminist women exist
Five bus lines everyone in DC should know, love, and use
There’s a Reliable Therapy for Sex Offenders — But Nobody Wants Them to Get It
Let’s Not Rewrite History on Gun Violence

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  1. Chris G says:

    I believe the technical term for ginko seeds is “shitberries”.

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