Links 9/22/15

Links for you. Science:

The GOP’s dangerous ‘debate’ on vaccines and autism
Deadly Heartland Virus Is Much More Common Than Scientists Thought
Andy Weir and his book ‘The Martian’ may have saved NASA and the entire space program
Fighting Ebola With a Palm-Sized DNA Sequencer
Siberian cave was home to generations of mysterious ancient humans


This is the greatest god damned letter ever sent to Abraham Lincoln
Lies About Corbyn from the Capitalist Hyena Press
The Prophets: On the Conjoined Legacies of Moses Malone and ‘Chocolate Thunder’
Yes, Republican candidates want a Planned Parenthood board member on the $10 bill
Why Is the ‘Radical Pope’ About to Canonize a Priest Who Helped Enslave and Murder Native Americans?
Murder-Suicides: Stop giving these tools such good tools
An Open Letter to Richard Sherman
Bernie Sanders Offers GOP Debaters a Tutorial on Democratic Socialism
Here’s what’s wrong with some of Metro’s train tracks (again, this is a management failure, not TEH YOONYUNS!)
Bernie Sanders seeks to ban private prisons
“Possibly wanted to be arrested?”
The Republican Party has an allergy to facts
BPL assessing rare book section after mold outbreak

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