Links 8/26/15

Links for you. Science:

Without humans, the whole world could look like Serengeti
A Beginner’s Guide to Eigenvectors, PCA, Covariance and Entropy
Totally Transparent Solar Cells Could Turn Our Windows Into Solar Panels
White, Black, and Red All Over: What Blood Segregation Says About Science and Race
Microbial genome assembly made fast and easy (would like to see: 1) how it does on a more difficult bacterial genome, such as CRE; 2) the annotation error rate)


The Myth of the New Orleans School Makeover
The Right-Wing Hate Machine: Twitchy is not just a popular conservative website. It’s also a harassment tool used to target liberal writers
Children and Immigration in the 19th Century
Donald Trump’s campaign of terror: How a billionaire channeled his authoritarian rage — and soared to the top of the polls
Classification Follies
The Trucks Are Killing Us (good, but no mention of using trains to pick up some of the cargo load as well)
How The Right Thinks Google Is Gonna Rig The Election For Hillary (maybe it’s a case of self-projection?)
Testing, Testing: An escape from the standardized testing regime
RG3 got hurt and it’s Jay Gruden’s fault (I’m going with 4-12 this season)
N.Y. schools commissioner: It’s ‘unethical’ for educators to support testing opt-out movement
The Research Is Clear: Long Hours Backfire for People and for Companies (seems to miss that most middle-managers are utterly interchangeable)
North Korea Instagram Pictures Provide Colourful Insight Into State Trapped In A 20th Century Dystopia

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2 Responses to Links 8/26/15

  1. jw says:

    without trying to be godwin’s law at all–i am interpreting Trump’s rise as very similar to Hitler’s. and it is equally frightening to me.

  2. David Taylor, MD says:

    Thanks for the link to the Twitchy article — I wonder if that’s the source of much of the crude outrage we’ve seen in comments on a couple of recent Washington Post articles on Planned Parenthood? They certainly brought the wing-nuts out…..

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