Links 8/25/15

Links for you. Science:

The forests of the world are in major trouble, scientists report
Source of Deadly NYC Legionnaires’ Outbreak Identified
Rock of ages
A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning (in a few years, the pseudostatical technobrats will be talking about this, so you might as well get in the ground floor; of course, they’re already talking about it, but many of them don’t realize that data mining often uses these techniques)
Most animals and plants can’t cope with built-up areas. But from foxes to pigeons and Oxford ragwort, some species love city living


The Men Who Left Were White
As Killings Spike, D.C. Officials Blame Influx of Illegal Guns From South
We can end police violence in America
Opposition to housing in HBO’s “Show Me a Hero” sounds eerily familiar
Are academics very well-educated journalists who write badly but will work for free? (it’s poorly, which sort of proves the point…)
Debt Is Good
Can Our Transit System Get Any Worse?
How False Narratives of Margaret Sanger Are Being Used to Shame Black Women
A review of MOVE: Putting America’s Infrastructure Back in the Lead by Rosabeth Moss Kanter (“ turns out that “Rosabeth Moss Kanter” is an anagram of “Thanks, Robert Moses.’ That may be really all you need to know about this book.”)
The Defense of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server That She Dare Not Utter
Why Buses Are the Saviors of Our Most Car-Crazy Cities
The GOP’s Education Problem
Why Ending Birthright Citizenship Would Create A Nightmare For Everyone
How Smarter School Architecture Can Help Kids Eat Healthier Food
NJ admits police killed Jerame Reid with his hands up, but he moved a bit, so, you know, no charges
The Cinematic Lost Cause

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