Links 8/24/15

Links for you. Science:

Peer Reviews Faked In Tiny Percentage of A Small Percentage of Journals, Heads Will Roll.
T cells activated in the microbe-dense gut can spark an autoimmune eye disease, a study shows.
The Demise of 38,000 NIH-funded Investigators
Oarfish: The true tale of the fish we can’t seem to get enough of
15 Fascinating Facts About Daddy Longlegs


Pregnancy is painful, difficult, and dangerous. No one should be forced into it. (excellent; must-read)
Black Lives Matter Comes Through With a Plan (Sanders scores the best, by the way)
Who’s the First Person in History Whose Name We Know?
Hillary Clinton’s Opposition to Arctic Drilling Is a Bigger Deal Than Keystone XL
Walker’s Teacher Shortage in Wisconsin
South Boston brothers allegedly beat homeless man: Police say victim was targeted because he is Hispanic (Trump’s reaction can only be described as ‘coy fascist)
They’re Going To Let It Fail
You Probably Aren’t Doing Shit. Neither Am I.
William J. Astore: Seventy Years of Military Mediocrity
Planned Parenthood on offense, running ads against vulnerable Republicans
The ALEC Rankings: Does Smaller Government Mean Higher Growth?
Teachers at Chicago’s Urban Prep Academies voted to form a union—then a whole bunch of them got fired…
Republicans Are Still Searching for Solutions to Non-Existent Problems
The Teach For America Bait and Switch: From ‘You’ll Be Making a Difference’ to ‘You’re Making Excuses’
There Is No Such Thing As Urban Farming (not sure I entirely agree; there are urban places where it’s viable, if done vertically; also decaying suburbs/exurbs are prime spots as well)
Musings on Thomas Malthus, the Hellenistic Age, the Loyal-Spirit Great Kings of Iran 550-330 BCE, and Other Topics
Man On Beach Takes Down Drone By Throwing T-Shirt At It, Ends Up In Jail (the way to get away with this is pretend you were absolutely terrified–’I THOUGHT IT WAS A SPACE ALIEN!’)

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  1. Chris G says:

    Not sure why Atrios doesn’t think 5 acres constitutes a farm. IIRC, that’s enough land to sustainably feed a family of four. (I’m thinking of Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”.) If you cultivate the bejeezus out of it you could probably feed a lot more.

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