Someone Needs to Ask Jeb! Bush About Pinellas County Schools

There’s a very tragic story about the collapse of the Pinellas County, Florida public schools that is a must-read article. There’s too much in there for me to do it justice, but two things come to mind:

1. We can’t blame teachers’ unions for this. We can blame the school board for resegregating the schools and other policies, and the county for inadequate funding. But teachers are working under impossible conditions with no support.

2. Wasn’t Jeb!’s testing and education reform regime supposed to stop this from happening? I would be snarky, except the results are too tragic for jokes.

I imagine Jeb! probably doesn’t want to run on the slogan: Look at Pinellas County! Imagine what he could do for (to) America!

But Hillary has a private email server and the left has some tactical disagreements, so clearly this isn’t important.

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