Science Abuse By Political Pundits

In the aftermath of the Travelling Clown Car Circus that passes for the Republican presidential debate circuit, much punditry has occurred. I hereby declare Ed Luce the recipient of the Huckabee Honorary DNA Schedule Award for Most Ridiculous Unscientific Metaphor in recognition of this abuse of science (boldface mine):

The laws of physics says that some must lose support. Perhaps it will be Mr Cruz, who is no longer the party’s chief bomb-thrower, or Mr Paul, who is no longer libertarian enough for true believers. Mr Carson will probably need to be more assertive.

Admittedly, my physics courses are long past in the rear view mirror, but I’m pretty sure physics says no such thing. In fact, if entropy were to increase the difference in support among candidates would decrease. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone applied Shannon’s or Simpson’s index to the polling data, that the candidates on the whole are less differentiated after this debate relative to before the debate (and we can test that!).

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