Links 8/10/15

Links for you. Science:

“Super bacteria” found in the water at Rio Olympics site (KPCs. Disturbing on many levels)
Trolling economists
Save the Shipwrecks to Save the Fish (and the Fishing)
The backlash to the backlash against p-values (my thoughts on p-values here)
The Curious Case of the Bog Bodies
12 lies about “12 mainstream vaccine lies” refuted


Why ‘Do What You Love’ Is Pernicious Advice: If passion is a job requirement, says the writer Miya Tokumitsu, employees have little room to complain about mistreatment at work (excellent)
Bernie Sanders: Strong Words on Structural Racism and Inequality
With Boston heist suspects dead, FBI focuses on finding art
U.S.A., Land of Limitations?
The students who graduated with Michael Brown had only hope and promise ahead of them. And a year after Brown’s tragic death, somehow they still do. Here are their stories.
The United States’ Infrastructure Is Failing Dramatically, But No One Is Paying Attention
North Carolina’s step-by-step war on public education
John Kasich Dismisses Climate Change As ‘Some Theory That’s Not Proven’
Where’s the #BlackLivesMatter Critique of the Black Misleadership Class, or Obama or Hillary?
Daesh/ ISIL takes 250 Captive, including 60 Christians in Syria
Political Awareness Matters: How Black Lives Matter Are Screwing Themselves — And the Rest of Us (tactics and strategy matter; this is an election not a campus assembly)
In America, Only the Rich Can Afford to Write About Poverty
10 Reasons Why John Kasich Is As Rabidly Right Wing as the Rest of the GOP Presidential Pack
An Indelible Black-and-White Line
Texas Judge Orders Young Man to Marry Girlfriend and Write Bible Verses to Avoid Jail Time

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