Links 8/1/15

Links for you. Science:

Scientists have synthesized a new compound that ‘mimics’ exercise. Could a workout pill be far behind? (we’ll see…)
“Do you need a Ph.D. for that?”
Uncovering Secrets of the Sphinx
Intermingled Klebsiella pneumoniae Populations Between Retail Meats and Human Urinary Tract Infections


The pure products of America (must-read)
Public Art That Isn’t Garbage, but Collects It
The growing wealth gap that nobody is talking about
Why Angry, Entitled Man-Children Pick on Women
Why Conservatives Are So Desperate to Debunk One Hillary Clinton Chart
How to Fix Our Interstates. Hint: Not with more asphalt. (interesting)
Person First Project – Nick
After rise in minimum wage, Seattle bartender receives ‘Why I don’t tip’ card instead of cash (the idea that someone might make $30,000/yr really seems to piss some people off)
Republicans threatening to shut down government over doctored Planned Parenthood videos
Chicago: Why Didn’t Arne Duncan Use the Lab School as a Model for Reform?
The Underachievement School District 2015 Edition Part I
How conservative media helped the far-right take over the Republican Party
Thoughts on Grabthar’s Hammer
Big Data vs. Big Gladwell
Wife of Murdered Cop Wakes Up to Prison System and How Drug War Led to Husband’s Death
Always Count On EMILY’s List To Back Wretched Conservative Women Against Progressive Men– Iowa Edition

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    I went to Teh Cinema this afternoon. During the trailers, I learned that a movie about Benghazi will be coming out next year. January, IIRC. The director is Michael Bay. I guess Oliver Stone had a prior commitment.

    13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
    15 January 2016 (USA)

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