Links 7/28/15

Links for you. Science:

One big myth about medicine: We know how drugs work
When the Cat Comes Back, With Prey
Why it is misleading to compare exoplanet Kepler-452b to Earth
Discovery in Israel pushes back dawn of agriculture to 23,000 years ago
How shrimp farming wreaked havoc on Sri Lanka’s coasts


Why Your Team Sucks 2015: Washington Redskins (the fan comments are something else)
Conservatives Think They Have a Magic Formula for Raising People Out of Poverty
The Emerald City Theory of Ending Police Brutality (snootiness aside, this is a good point; most of the oppression, as Corey Robin has noted, happens at the local and state levels)
Homicides, gun crimes up nearly 20 percent in D.C. (no idea what this means as other violent crimes have dropped twenty percent)
Look Away, Dixie Land: Reflections on Life in the South, Racist Iconography, and Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing
REEFER MADNESS: Marijuana Didn’t Kill Sandra Bland/ Drug expert Dr. Carl Hart on the racist drug mythology being used to blame the Illinois woman for her death
The Donald and the Delusional (Krugman goes full Driftglass)
Why I Donated Fetal Tissue After My Later Abortion
Metro Working On Deal With Wireless Carriers To End Tunnel Dead Spots (“Each project is expected to take as long as three to four years…. The work will require single-tracking and station shutdowns.” WMATA can’t do anything right…)
Donald Trump is an actual fascist: What his surging popularity says about the GOP base
Bad Commute? Tell Gov. Christie
Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East?
On ‘Contempt Of Cop,’ Jailhouse Suicide, And Sandra Bland

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    That’s why they call them the Deadskins.

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