Links 7/11/15

Links for you. Science:

Is withholding your data simply bad science, or should it fall under scientific misconduct?
NIH sees reversal of fortune with proposed funding boosts (while many scientists dislike Collins, he’s pretty good at dealing with people on the Hill)
Why Can’t We Fall Asleep?
Optically Clear Aluminum Provides Bulletproof Protection
Texas Scientist With a Thing for Longhorns


Generation X Earns More But Has Less (must-read)
Hillary Clinton hires lobbyists. So?
Close to the Bone
Andrew Cuomo Twists the Knife He Inserted Into Bill de Blasio’s Agenda
Israel tells Reform Jews: You’re not really Jewish, but your money is just Jewish enough (they tell Conservative Jews this too)
Millennials Are OK with the Gas Tax, But Don’t Much Care About Highways
China’s real economic problem is way bigger than the stock market
The GOP doesn’t have a Donald Trump problem. It has an angry conservative base problem.
The Secret Startup That Saved the Worst Website in America
Hold the Phone, It’s Patti LuPone
Senate Passes Bill Letting Schools Give Education Money To Financial Consulting Firms
What If Tim Hunt Had Done It Differently
Pope On A Rope
FBI confirms that Charleston shooter bought gun using background check loophole
Killing Us Softly: The Industry of Lies Around Climate Change

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2 Responses to Links 7/11/15

  1. sglover says:

    That article on “China’s Real Economic Problems” “informs” us that China will need to negotiate a transition from an investment-heavy economy to one based on domestic consumption. It also “informs” that this has to happen **right now!!!** — or at least by 2022.

    Pretty much everybody on the planet with even a cursory knowledge of Chinese affairs has known about the shift to consumption for at least half a decade. It would be hard not to, since the Chinese government itself has acknowledged the need.

    What I really learned from the article is that Vox likes to head up banal, vacuous articles with quasi-alarmist headlines. So now I know not to waste much time on Vox.

  2. AndrewD says:

    The Texas Story in Part 1 returns an error

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