Post-Docs And Overtime Pay

Justin Kiggins makes an interesting observation about Obama’s new overtime pay rules–most post-docs get paid less than the new overtime ceiling of $50,400 (boldface mine):

These changes probably won’t affect postdocs who are funded through fellowships like the NRSA F32. Those postdocs who are salaried employees, however, are currently “exempt” from overtime pay if they make more than $23,660. The new rules mean that they will need a salary of at least $50,400. So if their institution is following the NIH standard, which sets a minimum of $42,840, it looks like they’ll either need to get paid overtime for any work done over 40 hours or get a raise to meet the exemption requirements.

There’s no way to be ‘exempted out’ of this unless the worker makes more than the new ceiling. I’m guessing the new NIH minimum will soon be $50,400, give or take….

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