Links 7/7/15

Links for you. Science:

June 2015: Busting Out All Over with Genomics Technology
The limitations of patient-centered infection control (since many people misuse antibiotics, what could possibly go wrong?)
‘Centipede from Hell’ Found in World’s Deepest Caves
Jim Carrey if you are so concerned about toxins I suggest you champion food safety or diarrhea
An Ocean Mystery in the Trillions


School Choice and Segregation in Hoboken; An Interview with Molly Vollman Makris (really worth the read; the particulars matter)
Scott Walker dispatches wife and kids to soften anti-gay tone
Politico Has a “Culture of Fear,” Could Have Union Election Soon, Reporter Says
As D.C.’s Cost Of Living Rises, So Does Hunger Among Seniors
Growing Evidence that Charter Schools Are Failing
Clinton and Obama are on the wrong side of history (this is by… Dana Milbank?)
The New York Times Wants To Know ‘What’s It Like Commuting On DC Metro?’ (the comments are hilarious)
Kids of Helicopter Parents Are Sputtering Out
The next big liberal cause: universal child care (because people have to like this crap)
Tourists getting in your way? There’s a $7 billion reason to be patient.
Bowser Rips Council Over Body Cameras in Email Blast (kudos to Bowser, boos and hisses for most of the council)
Confessions of a Clinton reporter: The media’s 5 unspoken rules for covering Hillary
The Triumph of New Age Medicine, part deux, courtesy of The Atlantic

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  1. Tom Amitai says:

    According to the article, Bowser wants police body cam footage exempted from the freedom of information act; wouldn’t that leave it up to the police and the administration to decide what video the public gets to see? Is that really something you want?

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