Links 6/25/15

Links for you. Science:

Europe’s superlab: Sir Paul’s cathedral. When the Francis Crick Institute opens in London this year, it will be Europe’s largest biomedical research centre. Can director Paul Nurse make this gamble pay off for UK science?
Bacteria may help bats to fight deadly fungus: As white-nose syndrome spreads, researchers are trialling ways to stop colonies from collapsing.
Vulture populations plummet across Africa
Improved birth control advice reduces unintended pregnancy rate among young women


How Fast Track Hurts American Families
Putin’s Plot to Get Texas to Secede: For Moscow’s right-wingers, payback means teaming up with a band of Texas secessionists.
How an Infamous Movie Revived the Confederacy: 100 years ago, Birth of a Nation reimagined the Civil War and created the modern and enduring cult of the noble Lost Cause.
The most annoying restaurant trend happening today
Academic freedom, sexism, and other trivial matters
Why the country’s wealthiest county is so politically dysfunctional
Consensus Parameters
Aquarium says tower plan could threaten sea animals, finances
Anesthesiologist trashes sedated patient — and it ends up costing her
Some major GOP donors are afraid Scott Walker actually believes what he says
Congressional Republicans Weigh Millennial Outreach (“Ubertarians”, who sound like people who are just assholes)
That flag is a threat to all decent and fair-minded Americans
What Metro train operator heard in tunnel: ‘Yelling, screaming, kicking and banging’ (very little of this seems to be a worker problem, but mostly a management and planning problem)
The Search For Nimrata Randhawa-Haley’s Birth Certificate Begins (according to Palinists, certain people are only ‘provisional’ Americans)
In Defense of Being Average

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