Links 6/22/15

Links for you. Science:

NOAA halts commercial fishing in Atlantic for blacknose sharks and small coastal sharks
The Independent claims HPV vaccine unsafe. Science says The Independent is wrong.
Coal in Poland Lowering Life Spans
My collapse of confidence in Frontiers journals
Sequencing Ebola in the field: a tale of nanopores, mosquitos and whatsapp


Andrew Bacevich: Washington in Wonderland, Down the Iraq Rabbit Hole (Again)
How The Charleston Shooting Is Linked To The Confederate Flag, According To A South Carolinian
This is the best paragraph I’ve ever read on gun control and mass shootings
The Confederacy is not our heritage
It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males
What To Do About The Guns
Witnesses to New Jersey Shooting Say Police Failed to Stop Fellow Officer From Firing at Wife
Knee-deep in blood: We are all being held hostage by Wayne LaPierre’s children
Charleston Shooting: Speaking the Unspeakable, Thinking the Unthinkable
Here’s the Racist Meaning Of the Confederate Flag, In the Words of the Man Who Designed It
Yes, you’re a racist… and a traitor.
MA Gov. Baker: Just look across the street before discussing the Confederate flag
Attack Gave Chinese Hackers Privileged Access to U.S. Systems
Rich people are jerks, explained
Dr. SkySkull in China, part 2: the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
On Leaving Los Angeles…
The Danger of Picking a Major Based on Where the Jobs Are

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