Links 6/21/15

Links for you. Science:

Silkworms Will Mass-Produce Spider Silk Because Spiders Won’t
A perfect example of why it can be very important to take phylogeny into account
Vaccines in the ’60s made people more likely to develop chlamydia — and now we know why
6 Realities of Genomic Research
Baboon-Trackers Herald New Age of Animal Behaviour Research


Whatever song they’re singing, keep in mind who they’re singing it to (excellent)
People Aren’t Better Off Than Income Trends Show (excellent)
The Last Time Conservatives Dismissed a Major Encyclical, It Ended Terribly for Them (the racism of the supposedly-genteel Buckley never ceases to disgust)
Charleston church massacre: The violence white America must answer for
Transit Unions See No Surprises In Federal Report On Metro Safety Lapses
Madam’s Organ Fined $500 for Open Windows
The de-nazification of South Carolina
The American Swastika (my take here)
As Florida Governor, Jeb Bush Bought Land From Timber Company That Later Paid Him $1 Million
Kansas GOP Lawmakers Want To Punish Black Rep For Calling Them ‘Racist’
Beyond the Confederate flag, racist traitors are far too celebrated in the United States
Person First Project – Anthony
The lessons of Charleston: The real threat to America is right-wing terrorism
New York Times Commenter Beautifully Exposes America’s Racist Mainstream Right
Suddenly Chris Van Hollen Votes Against A Free Trade Agreement– First Time In Ten Years– Primaries Work!
When Charters Go Union: Most charter school funders hate unions and unions generally hate charters. But more and more charter teachers want to unionize, and labor is helping them do it.

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  1. Meg says:

    As someone at times homesick for Boston, I’ve been reading your blog for a few years, so I was tickled this morning to see your link to an article on my work on baboons! Thanks!

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