Links 6/18/15

Links for you. Science:

More Than 100 New Marine Species Discovered in the Philippines
The Pac-Man frog with another frog in its throat
The unseen women scientists behind Tim Hunt’s Nobel prize
Mobile research lab enlists Boston-area residents
The image detective who roots out manuscript flaws


Fiorina Feminism Is No Feminism at All: As long as words mean things, “feminism” is still a political movement with political aims, not a feel-good self-help catchphrase (excellent)
Clever Girl: A 10-year-old’s advice for surviving Jurassic World.
Smithsonian Digitizes and Lets You Download 40,000 Works of Asian and American Art (the Freer and Sackler Museums are Washington’s best kept secret–and they’re right in plain view on the Mall)
Annual Accountability Testing: Time for the Civil Rights Community to Reconsider
The feds to WMATA: You’ve got big problems, and you have to fix them
Let’s Talk about Rachel Dolezal’s Parents (might explain some of the weirdness)
The Other Terror Threat
NTSB report gives indication of possible cause of Metro calamity
The Depths Of Poverty In The Deep South
DC’s Olympic bid had some great ideas, and some lame ones
The Real Meaning Behind Obama’s Trade Defeat
Sex, lies and debt potentially exposed by US data hack
Neoliberalism poisons everything: How free market mania threatens education — and democracy
Humanitarian aid organizations are bloated, unaccountable beasts that must be hunted down for their voluminous and valuable fat
The David Brooks files: How many uncorrected mistakes does it take to be discredited?
The technology that could revolutionize the war on hunger
Bernie Sanders nailed it: Our jobs are killing us

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