Links 6/14/15

Links for you. Science:

Why Congress should not cut funding to the social sciences
Viruses on a plane!
Getting Loud and Angry
In which I’m pretty sure I disagree with Lior Pachter and try to figure out why
The Problem With Naming Observatories For Bigots


Civil Rights and Testing: Response to Haycock and Edelman (excellent)
The Beginning of the End of Reproductive Rights
Silicon Valley and the Ingestible Bilderberg ID Chips
An Immoral Use of Jewish Power in Upstate New York
Myth: You can do more with less
Design Flaw
Always A Decade Away
College textbooks are absurdly expensive for no good reason
A crisis for seniors who rely on Social Security
How Due Process Protects Teachers and Students
Caleb Rossiter: Yes, There Is an Answer for High-Poverty Public Schools
Here’s Some Stupid for Lunch: In which the culture war turns into a piefight.
Former Guantanamo Prisoner, Who Speaks Out Against Radicalization of Youth, Told He’s on US No Fly List
Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama
The Most Hilarious Robo-Falls from the DARPA Robotics Challenge: More like DERPA robotics challenge
Have Love Will Travel with the Sonics: Guitarist Larry Parypa woke up 50 years later a punk godfather
Diane Rehm has apologized twice but still hasn’t explained why she tried to sandbag Bernie Sanders with an idiotic Internet lie (I’ve never understood the housebroken progressives’ infatuation with Rehm)

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