Links 6/11/15

Links for you. Science:

Watch How Animals React To A Mirror That Suddenly Appears In The Jungle
Parents of diphtheria boy ‘feel terrible guilt’
Next Season’s Flu Shot Is Going To Be Very Different
Four Decades of the Wrong Dietary Advice Has Paved the Way for the Diabetes Epidemic: Time to Change Course
Who’s Afraid of a Hybrid Wolf?


The Post-Ownership Society: How the “sharing economy” allows Millennials to cope with downward mobility, and also makes them poorer. (must-read)
Privacy Is Not a Barrier to Trade: How a secretive trade agreement could change the global Internet.
‘Paramilitary thugs’: Colorado man livid after SWAT blows up his entire home in pursuit of shoplifter
OSSE Employees Need Committee Approval Before Sending Emails
Fast Track to the Corporate Wish List: How the U.S. Trade Representative became Washington’s one-stop shop for the corporate trade agenda.
Seagull ‘photobombs’ photo of Red Arrows display team
Tenure and (In)justice
Lawsuit: Dead Body Went Unnoticed in Metro Station for Four Days
One Republican lying is a joke, all Republicans lying is a strategy
Motel Manager Pouring Acid in the Water When Black People Swam in His Pool, 1964
The Rise and Fall of Announcer-Speak, Class War Edition
The Ron Fournier Effect: Because Democracy Disturbs the Horses
If This Federal Court Decision Is Correct, Roe v. Wade Is Almost Entirely Dead

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    “Who’s afraid of a hybrid wolf”

    Well I am not sure about ‘afraid, but damn wary. They are much more aggressive and ‘bigger’ than the old ones. Ottawa Ontario has signs up warning people on walking paths how to deal with them: Rough translation, back off and don’t annoy them. And this is a city that captures black bears in town occasionally and has been known to shoot the odd moose at a bus stop. Heck the place is full of politicians too. There are no warning signs for bears, moose or politicians but for coyotes as they are called, there are warning signs.

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