Links 6/10/15

Links for you. Science:

Population Genomics of Vikings
Don’t forget who approves new doctoral programs
How do we make NSF science more sustainable? (good ideas, but still seems like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic)
Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Perspectives on Robust and Reliable Science Report of the Subcommittee on Replicability in Science: Advisory Committee to the National Science Foundation Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (pdf)
This Bug Is Big as a Gerbil. Fortunately It Loves Carrots


How a corporate cult captures and destroys our best graduates (the cult-like recruitment strategies are eerie)
Professors do far less teaching than the public imagines (though Shirky completely ignores the role of overheads in current budgets)
What Poverty Does to the Young Brain
Busted: A Presidential Park Lay Dormant Near Williamsburg, Va.
Virginia faces a weighty choice on transportation priorities (how to rig the numbers to get the outcome you want)
There’s a Word for the People Who Block the Metro Escalator
Fast Track will also fast-track TISA, a privatizing “Trade in Services” deal
Michelle Rhee’s legacy
Don’t believe the fictitious crime trends used to undermine police reform (the data don’t support the Ferguson Effect)
New York’s leaders dawdle as the subways crumble
VC-istan 8: the Damaso Effect
Yeah, Don’t Move To NYC To Do Your Startup (Yet)
A Paine in the AEIs: Political Civility Is Overrated
War Is All Hell: Seal Team 6 and What We Do Not Want to Know

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