Links 5/22/15

Links for you. Science:

Tiny Frogs and Giant Spiders: Best of Friends
Evolution, the Environment, and Religion
Everybody Else Is Doing It…
How Three Scientists ‘Marketed’ Neglected Tropical Diseases And Raised More Than $1 Billion
Highly Contagious, Antibiotic-Resistant Food Poisoning Establishes U.S. Presence (wrote about this here)


How a Fish Sandwich Became a Symbol of Shaw’s Changes: Fishnet’s $12 sandwich reminded its owner of his youth in Turkey. It reminded longtime residents of something else. (very interesting)
Squaring The Circular Firing Squad
Notes on the [UK] election
Why Radicals Like Bernie Sanders Should Run As Democrats, Not Independents
Go ahead, tick off the Saudis (and the Israelis, too)
What Do Rich Countries Have in Common? Big Government
No, the GOP Has Not Lost Its Lust for War
How D.C. pot legalization has become ‘the dealer-protection act of 2015’
In early power struggle with council, D.C. mayor could win battle, lose war
Consuming wealth without spending a dime
Assault on Justice
Why your cubicle should become your bedroom in D.C.
The In-State Tuition Break, Slowly Disappearing
The bad math
DCPS’ Biggest Challenge, in One Chart
Stopping some military equipment transfers to police is a start, but only a start

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