Links 5/22/15

Links for you. Science:

We’ve been imagining mountains all wrong, say scientists
Senators create new caucus on NIH funding
When Birds Squawk, Other Species Seem to Listen
A Way to Brew Morphine Raises Concerns Over Regulation
Reproducibility crisis: Blame it on the antibodies


Jeb Bush Says His Brother Was Misled Into War By Faulty Intelligence. That’s Not What Happened. (must-read)
After 25 years, the verdict is in: Drug courts embolden judges to practice medicine without a license—and they put lives in danger.
Wild West Warfare in Waco
Why race is the main reason the murderous bloodbath in Waco was handled with velvet gloves (though part of the reason is that the cops are outgunned)
Bright Young Flacks: “Cameron’s Cronies” now drive Silicon Valley’s most sinister propaganda machine
The Middle School Effect
Campaign reporters: you are granted no “role in the process.” It is your powers against theirs.
How one politician wants to quiet down D.C.’s noisy bars
Biker Arrested Following Waco Bloodbath Lobbied At Texas Capitol For Looser Gun Laws
Ala. Reading Intervention Stands Test of Time (the one potential confounding factor is that parental education matters, and NAEP doesn’t provide that information for Reading scores)
Lesson for Bill Daley, TPP Promoter, the United States is a Big Country
Greek Mayor Flip-Flops Over Holocaust Memorial Unveiling (“On the bright side, only 38% said “Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars.””)
Imports Displace Domestic Jobs: Why Do Proponents of Trade Agreements Have So Much Trouble Acknowledging This Fact?
Restoring the Public’s Trust in Economists
When The Gang-bangers Are White Guys
Marriage Is About To Hit An All-Time Low. That’s A Good Thing.
Paid Leave and Silicon Valley’s Culture of Disregard for Workers’ Rights (the last sentence is key)

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