Links 5/21/15

Links for you. Science:

U.S. Introduces New DNA Standard for Ensuring Accuracy of Genetic Tests
London Calling Day 1: Highlights
When Humans Declared War on Fish
The Cro-Magnons Have No Descendants in Europe Today
Did sexual equality fuel the evolution of human cooperation? (as best as I can tell, the ‘men luvs the boobeez!’ pseudo-evolution crowd isn’t touting this, as odd as that might be…)


Poor Little Rich Women (one more reason to crank up the marginal tax rate)
How Jeb Bush Triggered an Iraq War Watershed
White Out: Why integrating America’s neighborhoods and cities is harder than we think.
Highways gutted American cities. So why did they build them?
Amtrak’s Failure to Gain Wireless Spectrum Rights Stymied Safety Technology
Bernie Sanders to Introduce Bill to Make College Tuition-Free
Neighbors of CrossFit Gyms Strain for the Sound of Silence
Is Gentrification Fueling Police Brutality in San Francisco?
Congressman who advised ex-wife to seek abortion votes for late-term abortion ban
Emily Farris Is Not Running for President
Have We Wasted Over a Decade?
Progressives can’t trust Hillary Clinton: What’s behind her bizarre alliance with the Christian right?
Mistakes made with teacher evaluation scores, CPS admits
Let the Kids Learn Through Play
Canada Just Threw A Grenade Into Elizabeth Warren’s Trade Fight With Obama
Clinton’s Unethical Behavior Has Already Been Well Established–And It Has Nothing To Do With The Right

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