Links 5/16/15

Links for you. Science:

Natural GMO? Sweet Potato Genetically Modified 8,000 Years Ago
Alexander Rich Dies at 90; Confirmed DNA’s Double Helix
Can This Scientist Unite Genetic Engineers and Organic Farmers?
9 things PBS Newshour famously gets horrible wrong in story on fast food and microbiomes
Famous Coral Reef System In Belize Could Soon Be The Site Of Oil Drilling


The Tragic End of the Woman Bill Clinton Exploited As Poster Child for Gutting Welfare (it’s worth noting that the welfare reform experiments of the mid-nineties have killed tens of thousands, probably much more)
What Republicans Can Learn From British Conservatives (and Democratic operatives should be thankful the Republicans are such poor studies)
The next public health challenge: Retrofitting Suburbia. Huh? (don’t agree with everything, but suburbs are unsustainable economically)
Matter of Time
No We Didn’t Fix It
Why My Charter School Needs a Union
Revenge Fantasy
As Boko Haram Kidnapping Victims Are Rescued, Many of Them Are Pregnant. Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Their Right to Abortion?
The Willful Ignorance of the NJ Star Ledger
Why subsidize data centers?
A Novel Idea
The Middle Ground Between Opt Out And All In
Purple Line: It’s not the cost, it’s the country club (all right we are two nations)
Willie Horton Revisited
House Panel Approves Bill to Cut WMATA Funding

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  1. chris y says:

    The dishonesty in the Atlantic article about the British Conservative election campaign begins in the second paragraph: “Only in the United States does the liberal left govern.” In fact US political discourse is skewed so far to the right that in every other English speaking country the Obama administration would be the center right. Such evidence as there is suggests that David Cameron is perfectly comfortable dealing with Obama as a kindred spirit, and to give him credit he would probably find a Republican presidency under any of the declared candidates, except possibly Bush, extremely difficult.

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