But How Would We Ever Spend the Money? The MA Public Health Edition

Back during the stimulus debate, more than a few technobrat pundits argued that it was really difficult to figure out how to spend money on things we need (really, I’m not kidding). Like many technobrat pronoucements, this was ridiculous. Well, five years on, and, to use a phrase, shit is still fucked up and bullshit (boldface mine):

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, reeling from years of budget cuts, has fallen significantly behind in investigating consumer complaints about medical facilities and lacks sufficient staff to conduct safety inspections of every­thing from summer camps to food manufacturers to housing for migrant farm workers.

There’s a wait of more than five months for investigating problems reported in Massachusetts hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis centers, and clinics. Meanwhile, medical and biological waste from roughly 600 biotechnology firms is not being routinely monitored to ensure proper disposal.

Inspectors will be needed to ensure that children have Coast Guard-approved life jackets in camps this summer, as ­required by state law. The depart­ment has fewer than half the minimum number of ­inspectors required to meet federal standards for ensuring that food plants follow safe practices.

These gaps, detailed in a budget memo obtained by the Globe, surfaced as agency leaders pleaded with lawmakers for more money to hire inspectors. The agency, which is still dealing with the aftermath of two scandals last year, says it needs more staff to prevent another crisis….

The memo noted that the five-month backlog in responding to these complaints means that inspectors performing routine reviews often are unaware of the pending issues.

That last bit means inspectors often don’t know if the entity they’re reviewing is also under specific investigation for violations. That will help.

We have people who need jobs, and jobs that need filling. The federal government should just spend the damn money.

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    Sono molto felice di aver trovato questo sito. Voglio ringraziarvi per il tempo che spendete, una lettura meravigliosa! Io sicuramente mi sto godendo ogni post e ho gia’ salvato il sito tra i segnalibri per non perdermi nulla!

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