Links 5/12/15

Links for you. Science:

The Homeless Scientist Who Tried to Prove Selflessness Doesn’t Exist
Pint-sized DNA sequencer impresses first users: Portable device offers on-the-spot data to fight disease, catalogue species and more
How Republican presidential candidates are getting away with denying evolution
Logothetis driven out of monkey research
Max Planck neuroscientist abandons primate research due to animal rights lies and harassment


‘The Game Done Changed’: Reconsidering ‘The Wire’ Amidst the Baltimore Uprising (excellent)
Jon Krakauer: ‘If You’re Not a Feminist, Then You’re a Problem’
Should Jackson Stay on the $20 Bill?
The CIA’s inner circle of white elephant specialists
Building streets for humans rather than cars could help solve the affordable housing crisis (I’ve made a similar point about street widths here)
Why Your Dog Can Get Vaccinated Against Lyme Disease And You Can’t
California’s Drought Could Upend America’s Entire Food System
Opting Out of PARCC Tests Is a Serious Decision, Not a Serious Mistake
A civic-minded man
Self-Terrorism at Work
Why the movement to opt out of Common Core tests is a big deal
A chance to end the public school era
The Modi government is sending millions of kids back into exploitative labour
Satanists in Missouri argue that abortion ‘waiting periods’ violate their religious beliefs
After marriage equality, let’s win secular wedding equality

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