Links 4/12/15

Links for you. Science:

Mummies reveal how tuberculosis ravaged the heart of 18th century Europe
Back to Brontosaurus? The Dinosaur Might Deserve Its Own Genus After All
Funding decisions: the NIH method (in a rare exception, I’ll link to something ridiculous; it’s so awful and obnoxious, you have to read it)
U Maryland faculty want to decrease postdoc benefits to stay competitive
What does the term microbiome mean? And where did it come from? A bit of a surprise ..


Why the middle class is doing even worse than you think
Life Without Parole
When Denver rejected the Olympics in favour of the environment and economics
Tangles of pathology
“-core” Is the Suffix of Our Time: The word form that named dozens of artistic genres has deep Washington roots.
Why the Contemporary Art World Is Insufferable, Corrupted by the Super-Rich
Public Opinion On Policing And Job Availability Is Divided By The River
Sci-Fi’s Right-Wing Backlash: How a Small Group of Deranged Trolls Can Ruin Any Event
Upon Further Review: Inside the Police Failure to Stop Darren Sharper’s Rape Spree
If We Pay Peter Peterson More Money in Interest Than He Pays for Buying New Bonds, Is It Supremely Irrelevant That He Paid for His Bonds?
The Minimum Wage: Could the Democrats Please Give Consideration to the Idea of Ceasing to Betray Working People?
Rich People Are Great at Spending Money to Make Their Kids Rich, Too (puts the lie to the inequality vs. lack of mobility dichotomy)
First-Generation Students Unite
I Was Sexually Assaulted At UVA. I Don’t Accept the Reporter’s Apology.
Haikus capture tourists on Metro
Nearly 1 in 10 Americans have severe anger issues and access to guns
How St. Louis Police Robbed My Family of $1000 (and How I’m Trying To Get It Back)

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