Links 3/11/15

Links for you. Science:

Can BGI Really Stir Up the Sequencing Instrument Market?
After 400 Million Years, Coelacanth at Risk of Extinction
Your McNuggets: Soon Without a Side of Antibiotics
DNA Sequencing: Not Quite HPC Yet (not sure I agree; in my work, we’re getting pretty HPC)
Spots, Stripes and Spreading Hooves in the Horses of the Ice Age


The 1 percent’s white privilege con: Elites hold “conversations” about race, while resegregating our schools (must-read)
FOUND: Ferguson Mayor bragged about privatized law enforcement services months before Brown shooting (important–you can’t separate privatization of public services from its racist origins)
Market Efficiency
Are We Mistaking Feelings for Politics?
Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy owes $170,000 in unpaid taxes
How a Mid-Sized Tennessee Town Took on Comcast, Revived Its Economy, and Did It With Socialism
Failing Grades: Nearly 500,000 fewer Americans passed the GED in 2014
Why Are Liberals Resigned to Low Wages? Focusing on unsolvable problems excuses them from dealing with tough political problems.
More than 1,600 D.C. charter students may become school-less (when ‘experiments’ go horribly wrong)
Education “reformers’” new big lie: Charter schools become even more disastrous. The more so-called reformers push vouchers and school choice, the worse it works out — for everyone
David Brooks Gets Everything Wrong
Welcome to Kindergarten. Take This Test. And This One.
Teachers in Teach for America aren’t any better than other teachers when it comes to kids’ test scores
The Higher Ed Disruptors Are Still With Us
Early vision for how you could reinvent the car if you weren’t driving yourself
Naming Wrongs: David Geffen paid $100 million to get his name on a concert hall at Lincoln Center. Yes, that’s kind of gross.
Rep. Don Young: Wolves would solve homelessness (what a piece of shit)

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