Links 3/10/15

Links for you. Science:

Reproducibility, your Methods section, and 400 years of angst
Science says taking the train is better for your health than driving to work
Food preservatives linked to obesity and gut disease: Mouse study suggests that emulsifiers alter gut bacteria, leading to the inflammatory bowel condition colitis.
Exclusive: Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest. In search for legendary “City of the Monkey God,” explorers find the untouched ruins of a vanished culture.


Read your bible!
The Status Fallacy: New York State Edition
Kicking the Iraq Syndrome On the Way to Tehran
Faith Groups Are Trying To Block Emergency Contraception For Raped Migrant Children
The wink.
Heavy Politics
The Gangsters of Ferguson: Darren Wilson was innocent. If only the city’s cops offered their own citizens the same due process he received.
A Pakistani Jew steps cautiously out of the shadows
Safety Dance
Why black Americans fear the police
Ferguson shows how a police force can turn into a plundering ‘collection agency’
Separating fact from fiction in 21 claims about charter schools
Problems with Non-Fiction Today
Actress Emma Thompson and her husband refuse to pay ‘a penny more’ in taxes until HSBC tax evaders go to jail

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  1. Cat Dwinke says:

    Study suggests that Mike’s head is so far up his own ass that he can dine on his own gut flora.

    Come on, Mike, you ought to know better than that.

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