Links 2/1/14

Links for you. Science:

This is too important to get wrong. (very good)
How scientists are calling on gamers to solve one of the most fundamental data problems in genomics research. (good article, but the title “Science as a verb”, ugh)
There are ecology blogs, but no ecology blogosphere
B.C. steps up battle with ‘nightmare bacteria’ cluster
Dethroned? The Key to Controlling Invasive Lionfish


The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value (very good)
Raising the Minimum is the Bare Minimum: What America needs is to shift income from capital to labor.
Once Again, Conservative Media Treat Their Audience Like Idiots
Did Justin Bieber Set White People Back?
Silence about what matters is not golden
“If I Didn’t Sell Drugs, I’d Be Dead”: What It’s Like to Lose Unemployment Benefits
What’s the Point of Academic Publishing?
Mass. firms closely watch trade negotiations: Two pacts have big implications for exports
Look who’s holed up in Hong Kong cozying up to the Chi-coms now
Jaywalkers Are Better for Our City Than Drivers
Andy Shallal, Activist and Owner of Busboys and Poets, Makes a Progressive Bid for DC Mayor
Least Resistance
What This Driver Did To An Elderly Woman Was Unthinkable…But How She Responded Was Priceless
U.S. Postal Service Should Offer Loans, Bank Products, Agency Says

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  1. Robert L Bell says:

    The point of academic publishing is to makes one’s self familiar within the community of publishing academics.

    The point most certainly is not to spread useful or important information in a timely manner. That is what old boy networks are for.

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