When Do We Stop Calling This An ‘Accident’?

“Well, that right there seems to be the problem”
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Fortunately, no one was killed:

An 18-year-old pedestrian was struck after a car crashed into a bus stop in Kensington, Md. Saturday, the Montgomery County Fire Department said.

The accident occurred at a bus stop located at Connecticut Avenue and Knowles Avenue. Fire officials say the car hit two pedestrians waiting for a bus and overturned, trapping the driver of the vehicle.

Two people were injured in the accident and were taken to the hospital. The pedestrian has serious but non-life threatening injuries, according to Paul Starks with Montgomery County Police. She has a fractured leg, authorities said….

No drugs or alcohol were factors in the accident. Police believe the man may have had a medical incident.

The driver has not been charged, however was given traffic tickets.

Another report claims the driver appeared to be intoxicated (the fire and police departments offered potentially conflicting explanations).

Either way, this isn’t an accident. Someone’s leg was broken, which is hardly a spilled cup of coffee. It’s all the more galling that people waiting for the bus were hit. If it turns out it was truly a medical incident, there still need to be some repercussions–more than just a few tickets.

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7 Responses to When Do We Stop Calling This An ‘Accident’?

  1. Of course, this is standard driving in Tennessee during inclement weather.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Interesting how they cut that hole in the windshield.

  3. “If it turns out it was truly a medical incident, there still need to be some repercussions–more than just a few tickets.”

    Look, I know this kind of shit is upsetting. But you can’t really believe that someone who has a stroke or other incapacitating medical event should be charged with a crime if it causes a traffic collision.

    • jemand says:

      They shouldn’t be allowed to *drive* though. If your medical incident incapacitates you from driving, then you don’t have a license anymore. Ride the bus.

      • anthrosciguy says:

        I’m in my mid-60s, like the driver of that car. I’ve never had any medical issue that would cause me to lose control while driving, but nevertheless it could happen. So your comment doesn’t actually cover that, and as far as the story about the accident above, we don’t see evidence that the driver had a preexisting condition that would make it likely he’d lose control while driving.

        For that matter, suppose I do have a heart attack or stroke tomorrow. Should I never be allowed to drive ever again? Ever?

      • This is fucking inane gibberish. People have to have strokes or other incapacitating medical incidents for the first time. How are you supposed to know who is gonna have one before they have it and rescind their licenses preemptively?

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