Links 3/3/15

Links for you. Science:

Libraries of Life
Lab In Berkeley Accidentally Discovers Solution To Fix Color Blindness
A New Name, and Wider Recognition, for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
New Species appropriately nicknamed ‘Sparklemuffin’ and ‘Skeletorus’
10X Reveals Its Facets


Are ‘Learning Styles’ a Symptom of Education’s Ills?
Netanyahu’s Latest Falsehood: The US Didn’t Support the Establishment of Israel
A new age for an old town
How Scott Walker Built a Career Sending Wisconsin Inmates to Private Prisons
Where Journalism Goes to Die: Glenn Greenwald, Pierre Omidyar, Adnan Syed and my battles with First Look Media.
But for the video…
Angry Andy’s Failing Schools & the Finger of Blame (New York shortchanges schools, then blames them for failure. WHEEE!!!!)
Meet Pierre Omidyar! A handy primer for new First Look hires
A Partial Accounting of the Damage Netanyahu Is Doing to Israel (when you’ve lost Jeffrey Goldberg….)
The Closed Minds Problem
Pakistani Officials Issue Arrest Warrants Over Refusals of Polio Vaccine
Let’s Bust Some Myths About Fluency
Airline passengers are paying the price so that investors can profit
5 Boston schools recommended for closing
State declines to back new independent charter schools

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  1. mikegraney says:

    re: but for the video, this is quite disturbing, with officials outright lying. Falsifying police reports is no joke, these liars need to be held to account.

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