Links 2/28/15

Links for you. Science:

US measles outbreak not linked to illegal immigration, health official says
How to Develop New Antibiotics
The Tangled Roots of English
Nature is not at all serious about double blind peer review
More than measles: The threat to America’s ‘herd immunity’
Following up on a call for reform (last paragraph is critical)


2.5 minutes of extra walking is not nothing
What do bridges and public health have in common?
Actual Growth Measures Make A Big Difference When Measuring Growth
Cause Célèbre, Scorned by Troops
Ike Leggett on threatened transit projects, Purple Line included: ‘I’ve got 100,000 jobs sitting here’
Congress to D.C.: Your Marijuana Still Isn’t Legal
The city that privatised itself to death: ‘London is now a set of improbable sex toys poking gormlessly into the air’
A look at doctors’ political leanings by specialty
Eleanor Holmes Norton Hopes to Allow Capitol Hill Sledding By Spring
Warren Buffett’s secret to staying young: “I eat like a six-year-old.”
Why Silicon Valley has a chance to dominate the auto industry
Willie Soon Attacks Funders of Climate Denial for ‘Lack of Courage’ (the guy is bonkers)
I’m happy: A social worker’s story
The Isolation Of Homelessness For Latino Day Laborers In The D.C. Area
Thinking clearly about the gender wage gap

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  1. Min says:

    When I saw the walking link, I thought that the story would be about the health benefits of even a small additional time of walking. Instead it was about the inconvenience? I agree that the crosswalk is dangerous, but wouldn’t it be nice if the extra walking time turns out to be a benefit? 🙂

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